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News Updates

This page brings you bullet point information on current Club activities and general information.



Lastest video from the 16millers - Weymouth Model Railway Exhibition

This month has seen the club activities slow down as the winter approaches but it has allowed the members to concentrate on getting the 'ride' on the new track smoothed out. With the track being built on clay ground, the shrinkage during the summer has meant that a gap has opened up between the trackbed and the surrounding ground. This has then allowed the ballast to shift and fill the resulting gap and hence the track movement. Murphy was at play again as the resulting track movement provided an advese camber which has the trains leaning outwards on the bends. The problem is being solved (hopefully) by pouring stone dust into the gaps. Luckily we have a Hanson Aggregates plant half a mile away.

We also held our AGM on the Tuesday 22nd with 21 members in attendance. The AGM saw the election of new committee members. The committee is now:
Chairman: Steve Allgood
Secretary : John Wight
Events co-ord: Mike Jackson
Treasurer: David Riches
CME: Robert Oldfield
Saftey Officer: Nigel Graham
Track manager: John Clarke

The key messages are:
1. The club is in good health financially
2. We have the largest membership for many years.
3. It has been agreed that we should look into building an outside 16mm track at Budmouth
4. In 2014, we will aim to have 4 public running events at our permanent track in addition to our normal portable event.

I have just found this video clip of the club at the Open Day! click on the red text below. Enj

Kingston Maurward Open Day
Another recently found video:
Permanent track


Updated: November 2013


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